# Integrating ForgeRock products

# ForgeRock Access Management

AM provides a service called access management, which manages access to resources, such as a web page, an application, or web service, available over the network. Once it is set up, AM provides an infrastructure for managing users, roles, and access to resources. In this chapter, you manage access to a single web page.

Arie Timmerman created a FIDO U2F authentication module for ForgeRock OpenAM.

# ForgeRock Identity Manager

ForgeRock Identity Platform serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution.

ForgeRock Identity Manager is primarily an identity and access provisioning solutions. It allows creating, modifying and deleting accounts in several systems and support attribute synchronization.

# ForgeRock Directory Services

ForgeRock Directory Services - formerly OpenDJ - is the LDAP Directory solution from ForgeRock.

The a11n organization has been involved in automaticing the deployment of OpenDJ and introducing an horizonal scalable directory solution.