# Identity Solution Implementation

Wether or not you've bought a product, you will need to think about how to implement it some moment in time.

# The best identity product

While some products provide a good set of out-of-the-box functionalities, customization limitations might delay your implementation.

If software-as-a-service products like SailPoint IdentityNow or Saviynt's Security Manager fulfill all of your requirements it is often advised to choose such a solution. On-premise alternatives like SailPoint IdentityIQ or IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence provide more advanced customizations - yet require you to manage the application's software and infrastructure.

The same count of security access management products like ForgeRock OpenAM or Auth0. The first provides many capabilities and customization options, but at the cost of maintenance responsibilities and longer implementation times. Auth0 is often a good alternative, but might not be suitable if you must have full control over the user experience.

Being vendor independent, a11n can help you (1) to identify your requirements, (2) what questions to ask to product vendors, (3) to review the answers critically and (4) to apply the best choice-making strategy.

# Implementing the product

After a product selection trajectory and having studied _request for proposal replies, you end up with a product.

No matter the product, you will face limitations. In time, in resources and in technology limitations. Identifying the technology limitations and getting the best out of the chosen product is what characterizes a good identity engineer.

Implementing a product is not merely following the vendor's course and pressing the right buttons. Even more important is to continuously communicate on what is possible and what the pros and cons are for the implementation choices to be made. After all, the final solution will not be operated by the implementer, but by security officers, auditors, authorization manager and support staff. They should be closely involved in the realization of the implementation.

The a11n company has experience with implementing a wide range of identity solutions. Including, but not limited to, SailPoint IdentityIQ, SailPoint SecurityIQ, ForgeRock OpenAM, ForgeRock OpenIDM, NetIQ IDM, Auth0, and iWelcome.

# Migrate from On-Premise to Cloud

More and more organizations move their on-premise Identity and Access Management solutions to the cloud.

They move from on-premise ForgeRock OpenAM to Okta. Or from SailPoint IdentityIQ to SailPoint IdentityNow.

a11n analyzes your current setup and accompanies the transition to your cloud identity and access management solution.